BSPGHAN 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting

27- 29 April 2021

Dear Friends,

The BSPGHAN Virtual Annual Meeting had given us a unique opportunity to get together to celebrate the friendships, talents and achievements of our Society. The planned date of 26th – 28th January was made impossible due to the impact of COVID and we are delighted that the rescheduled date of 27th – 29th April has been honoured

It has been such a challenging time for nearly a year now and although the difficulties continue. The heart of BSPGHAN is made up of all our members sharing a common goal and mutually supporting each other. We are stronger and more resilient together and caring about each other has always been strong. It is important now that we focus on that aim.

We welcome all delegates, far and wide, to this very special and unique meeting.

Please stay safe.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Ronald Bremner and Dr Sue Protheroe

on behalf of the organising committee