Attendance Certificates

Thank you everyone for making the BSPGHAN 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting a success. Attendance certificates are now available in the Conference Portal – please fill in your evaluation forms first!

BSPGHAN Virtual Annual Meeting 27th – 29th April 2021

Dear Friends, The BSPGHAN Virtual Annual Meeting had given us a unique opportunity to get together to celebrate the friendships, talents and achievements of our Society. The planned date of 26th – 28th January was made impossible due to the impact of COVID and...

Conference Portal Open

The BSPGHAN Virtual Annual Meeting Conference Portal is now open! Please login and register for the sessions you wish to attend.

Abstracts BSPGHAN Virtual Annual Meeting

Thank you to everyone who submitted an abstract for this unique meeting. Final abstract selection was difficult, however we could only select a limited number of abstracts for plenary and poster presentation. Please do remember to visit the Poster Room during your...