BSPGHAN 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting

27- 29 April 2021


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Christine Spray
Christine Spray
23 days ago

Thank you for your poster. There is a lot of information to fit in. Can the authors confirm they took proximal and distal oesophageal biopsies? Are the authors able to relate age of patient with presenting symptoms? It would appear no patient presented with food bolus obstruction. I assume hospital referral was from secondary care within your regional referral network and GP referral was in you hospital catchment zone. Can you explain what peripheral eosinophilia is? Has your department developed agreed guidelines for treatment since your review.

James Church
James Church
20 days ago

Dear Christine, thank you for your comments and queries. 

  • Yes, we can confirm that all diagnoses of EOE were confirmed with multi-level (proximal and distal oesophageal) biopsies.
  • One of the 28 children (3.6%) had a history of food bolus obstruction as well as dysphagia.
  • We defined peripheral eosinophilia as a peripheral blood eosinophil count exceeding 0.4 x 10^9/L, the upper limit of our laboratory reference range. We do not use this as part of our criteria for diagnosing EOE.
  • Hospital referrals were indeed from secondary care within our regional referral network and GP referrals were from the hospital catchment zone. Thank you for clarifying this. 
  • The results of this audit have been the impetus to finding a consensus on treatment guidelines locally. We are in the process of developing these.

Let me know if you have any further queries.

All the best


Khaled Abdelaal
Khaled Abdelaal
18 days ago

Very informative poster, thanks James.
would you be able to tell about the common endoscopic findings in your series?

James Church
James Church
17 days ago

Dear Khaled, thank you for your query. 17 (65.4%) patients had macroscopic evidence of EOE at endoscopy. These were most commonly linear furrowing, exudate and oedema. We did not capture individual prevalences of these characteristics so unfortunately I can not provide you with a breakdown.